December 10-11th 2020 



Learn How to Build Your 6 figure Sales Funnel in Two Days To Automate And Scale The Sales For Your Course Or Membership So You Can Make Revenue 24/7 No Matter What You Do. 

The best part, this year you can do this from the comfort of your own home or office! 

Launching a sales funnel is not as hard as you think. In fact. it's much easier than:​

  • Struggling With Bringing In Consistent Revenue While Building Influence
  • Doing Everything Alone and Feeling Overwhelmed and Burnt Out
  • Working 10+ Hours a Day Juggling Clients, Leads and Business Operations
  • Staying in the Same Place with Little to No Growth
  • Watching 100 tutorials. Paying for 50 Courses and Still Feeling Stuck
  • Spending all of Your Time and Effort Giving Things Away for Free
  • Grinding. Hustling and Every Other Word that Means Working WAY too Hard
  • All of us Entrepreneurs know about spinning around the hamster wheel.

All of us Entrepreneurs know about spinning around the hamster wheel.


But! You don't have to continue this cycle. It stops at the Two Day Funnel VIP Intensive!


This full two day intensive is going to help you set your income goals on FIRE!
You w ill learn about the millionaire mind set. positioning for profit. creating your six-figure offer. putting your systems on auto-pilot. sales & c losing. and content that converts


By the end of the day ...


You will have a complete sales funnel to help you acquire leads on autopilot!


The catch is YOU have to SHOW UP and COMMIT to your next level.  

or you will miss out on your breakthrough 

Get Hands-On Training On

Building Your Profitable Funnel​

Learn The Best Strategies, Tactics, and Methods Working For Others Right Now​

Get A Pre-Made Fully Built Funnel That You Can Import In Less Than 60 Seconds  

Make A Major Shift

In Your Business​

Finish 2020 Strong And Hit Your 2021 Revenue Goals 

Get Real Help From An Expert Who Has Been Where You Are​

December 10-11th - Online

Meet Your Coach 

TerDawn is the founder of Two Day Funnel and is on a mission to help coaches. consultants. and service-based businesses build a business that aligns with their purpose. their values. AND brings in consistent revenue month after month. With over 6 years of experience. she's seen it all and has served hundreds of entrepreneurs while helping them meet and exceed their goals.


TerDawn's vision for Two Day Funnel VIP Intensive is:

  • To help you STOP working 16+ hours days on a business that isn't growing
  • To help you have a mindset that allows you to manifest the life you desire, the income you deserve and the clients you love.
  • To create a sales funnel that helps you bring in more highpaying qualified leads into your business and skyrockets your bottom line
  • To give you the tools and resources you need to build a sustainable business that aligns with your purpose 
  • To connect you with industry leaders and like-minded entrepreneurs who are focused and determined to succeed
  • To crush the doubt and fear you have and replace it with confidence and cash flow



It’s no secret that coming up with a course or membership site is one of the best ways to add tons of value to your audience without sacrificing your time and sanity.


But, how do you really set up the course? 


How do you come up with all the content?


How do you successfully build an audience and get people to enroll?


How do you launch it successfully?


Building a membership site from the ground up can be a pain (if you don’t know what you’re doing) and if you don’t have someone to hold your hand.


During this session I will explain, step by step how you leverage your passion and skills to not only build a course but build a PROFITABLE membership site.




How do you make your offer a no-brainer for your audience?


How do you come up with such an irresistible offer that your followers will be impatient to join?


How do you come up with an offer stack that will increase the perceived value of the course and increase the desire of your followers to enroll?


In this session we will go through the marketing Psychology behind your messaging to make the course irresistible.

Now that you’ve spent days or even weeks coming up with the course, how do you price it?


Pricing can mean the success or failure of your course.


If you price way too high without proper positioning, your followers might feel like you’re ripping them off.


If you price too low, you risk seeming cheap and your followers might think the course isn’t as valuable.


During this session, we will go through (in details), the psychology of positioning and how to determine the sweet spot for pricing your course.


Does the technical part of setting up your membership site bore you to sleep? Or does it scare the sh*t out of you?




Whether you’ll work on the technical part of your course yourself or you’ll have someone else do it, it’s important  to know what are the best practices.


So, this session I will take you through the technical part on how to customize your course funnel.


How do you utilize graphics?


What kind of graphics should you use?


Which graphics should go where?


How do you format your content to make your course aesthetically pleasing?


We will go through all these details and much more.



Automation is what makes running a membership course seamless.

We will go through all the nitty gritties on how Kartra automation works.


So, if you have questions on:

  • How to set up email sequences on Kartra.

  • How to set up abandoned email campaigns to reach out to potential prospects.

  • How to track your email marketing metrics


And so on, make sure to enroll.

How do you build an audience, get the attention of your target audience and convert them into members?


Building a course is useless if no one knows that you have a course and if no one joins.


So, we will go through the audience building and conversion process to make sure that you’re able to launch, scale and grow the course.


We will cover organic and paid traffic sources and how to use them. 

You need to attend Two Day Funnel if you ....​

Are running circles in your business and need a pattern interrupt to start seeing growth.

  • Find yourself scrolling Facebook or watching instagram stories comparing your life to people who look "more successful"
  • Are hustling hard but have yet to find your break.
  • Are reaching out to people. cold emailing. relying on posting to social media all day to "be more visible" but getting little to no results
  • Find yourself listening to people who give theories and have not reached where you are trying to go yet instead of real succeeding experts
  • Struggle to make consistent 5 or 6 figure months or have been stagnant in your income for more than 6 months


We know you're already ready to grab your spot and build your funnel, but here's even MORE reasons on why you should hit that sign up button!

BONUS #1: You'll Get The Sales Page & Order Process, Members Community, Pre-Set Modules Ready For Your Content WITHOUT Having To Do All The Tech Stuff... YUP! It's Already Done For You... 

You'll Get The Sales Page & Order Process, Members Community, Pre-Set Modules Ready For Your Content WITHOUT Having To Do All The Tech Stuff... YUP! It's Already Done For You... 


You will get them already set up and all you need is to customize them to your course.


BONUS #2: Get All Of The Never Released, Exclusive Recordings From The 2019 One Day Funnel VIP Intensive Live Event 

Last year, I conducted a very successful in-person intensive event where I invited speakers to talk about ‘HOW TO BUILD A HIGH TICKET FUNNEL’. I even had a speaker fly in.


You will be the first to get all the recordings from this intensive ever and get to learn how to build a high ticket funnel for your business.

BONUS #3: 30 Days Of Support from the Creative Thought Solutions Technical Support team 

You will get access to my team of high-specialized professionals (Creative Thoughts Solutions) to help you create and launch your membership course for 30 days.


You will have access to the teams private communication channel and will be free to ask any questions in regards to setting up and growing your course.

BONUS #4: Sales Copy Cheat Sheet 

This cheat sheet will be your guideline to developing a sales copy that can persuade and convince your followers of the value your course adds on to their lives. Even if you don’t write the copy yourself, you can always use this cheat sheet to evaluate what your copywriter comes up with.

BONUS #5 The Complete Irresistible Offer Checklist 

These will be 60 questions to help you decide whether your offer is irresistible enough or if it needs more tweaking. Remember you always want to make sure that your offer is a no-brainer.

BONUS #6 The Full Cash Injection Campaign Course 

This a collection of 10 videos on how to use your funnel to inject cash into your business. Perfect for holidays and short term cash flow. 

Total Bonus Value: $2,882
ALL of this value is INCLUDED in your ticket to the event!​


  • What are the dates for Funnel in a Day?

    The intensive will be held December 10-11th 2020 from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

  • Where is the event being held?​

    The event will he held online. 

  • What is included that day?​

    Everything mentioned on this page plus you will have access to a private communication channel to network with others as well as communicate with the 

  • What should I bring to the event?​

    This is a hand-on workshop! Bring your laptop. a notebook. a pen and your business cards.

  • How do I get my ticket?​

    Just click the registration button on below. We only have 20 spots available so we everyone can get attention so don't snooze!

  • Can anyone attend this event?​

    This event is open to anyone but is designed for experts, coaches. service-based entrepreneurs, and consultants who are looking to scale their business.

  • What If I Have More Questions?​

    Send us an email at and we'll take care of you.

You have to DO something drastic to break the income ceiling so you can finally cross into having consistent
$io-5ok or higher months like clockwork spending only a fraction of the time you are spending now.


The time is now! Let's do this.